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Success Stories

“When a patient goes into a chiropractor's office fora first lime there will always be this sense of nervousness and fear that what they are doing may not help them, that this will be the end of the line in a failure lo comfort their pain. What they will not expect though is that chiropractic care will do wonders for them. From reliving pressure in joints, to releasing pains from injuries, and restoring joy to their lives with the ability to move around like they could before toe pain, the step into chiropractic care will bring movement back to the patients' life.

"There is none other better place to begin treatment then at Axis Chiropractic clinic, run by Dr. Vernon H. Kaczmarski, a well-respected and caring chiropractor with many years of valuable experience. When you visit Dr. Kaczmarski, who will tell you to call him Dr. Vern, you will feel safe and under great care. The front desk is run by Dr. Vern’s sister Bea who will make you feel at home as you walk into the clinic which has a relaxed atmosphere that will remind you of walking into a relative's home. Once there. Dr. Vern will take the utmost care of you. taking x- rays and identifying the areas of body where your discomfort is centered, to give you a diagnosis and treatment plan to get you back to feeling like yourself. Once treatment begins you will find yourself excited for the next adjustment, for after each visit you'll find that conversing with the Doctor and the staff more while having your movement restored has become a pleasant routine. So visit Axis Chiropractic clinic to have your body and mind adjusted to a better position."

– Sean R.

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