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Natural Treatment for A Wide Variety of Injuries

Injury Types Treated

Injuries are a leading cause of why people visit Axis Chiropractic Center.  We treat a broad range of injuries to soft tissue and the musculoskeletal system, such as:

Natural Injury Therapies

After a gathering background information on your medical history, the circumstances of your injury and the symptoms you are experiencing, your care professional at Axis Chiropractic Center will conduct an exam that may include visual examination of the injured area, palpation and X-rays.  A diagnosis will be made, and a treatment plan will be recommended using natural therapies such as:

In the event that your injury requires types of treatment not available at Axis Chiropractic Center, we may refer you to providers who may be able to treat you.

Schedule Your Injury Visit

To schedule a visit to have your injury treated, please call 206-241-2225.

"When in sickness, look to the spine first."

– Hippocrates




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