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New Patients

Most of us were born perfectly healthy, but continued health is not a guarantee. What we learn from our parents, where we choose to live, what we do for a living, diet and exercise, all profoundly effect the quality of our health. Lifestyle, poor nutrition, injury from trauma, and disease all have a path to recovery and it starts by making better, informed choices.

Meaningful changes are made from knowledge and encouragement. All of us at Axis Chiropractic Clinic are aware and sensitive to the health care challenges we all face. Each of us bring a unique skill set to our approach to health. Let us be your health care provider.

Complete our new patient intake form and call us at 206-241-2225 to take your first step on the road to optimum health!

Yours in health,

Vernon H. Kaczmarski, AS, BS, DC

Vernon H. Kaczmarski AS, BS, DC

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